Log in to your virtual bank account and bank your class rewards. 

Click image to go to your account

How can you earn money?
  • Employment (Insect Keepers, Fish Keepers, Bank Tellers, ...) - $100 per day?
  • Having a tidy desk at the end of each session (tote trays/chair bags)
  • Receiving Merit Badge
  • Receiving Merit Certificate
  • Completing homework and bringing it in on time
  • Positive comments from other teachers -
Random $ amounts:
  • Doing Extra Credit Work
  • Completing tasks on class blog
  • Good Behaviour in and out of the classroom
Loyalty Card Stamps, chosen by Mr. Rees:
  • Finish class work
  • Staying on task during lessons
  • Good Behaviour
  • Good Manners
How can I spend my money?
  • Shoes off in class (1 Day) - $500?
  • Changing seats (1 Day) - $3000?
  • Mousecateers-  (1 Day) - $300
  • Toilet Pass - $500
  • Class Auction (Once per term) - Spend as little or as much as you have in your bank account.??
  • Fun Days (for example, Sock Hop Tuesday) - $? (as discussed in class)
There will also be a reward for saving your money at the end of each term


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