Thursday, 27 July 2017

Geography: River Kids Inquiry Task- Rookie Reporter Training

BtN have put together this great page on how to be a rookie reporter. It will be useful for those presenting their River Kids inquiry task as a News Report. There are also some useful audio and video assets to help put your production together.

Click below to go to the BtN page

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Run the River: a water sharing challenge

Run the River – a water sharing challenge is a free, interactive game designed for Apple and Android devices. The app has been developed with historic and modelled data from the Murray–Darling Basin.
Run the River combines elements of the natural water cycle with the challenges of balancing water use between various water consumers including the river mouth, wetlands, farms, towns and cities.
Players must control water releases from the dam and balance water use between wetlands, farms and communities along the river.
Watch out! Difficulty increases with each level as players manage new challenges including flood, drought, salinity, groundwater and increased water demand.
More information can be found at