Monday, 8 May 2017

I want to re-design my room: If you can convince your parents, you can convince anyone!! (Persuasive writing/Mathematics)

A major problem in writing a persuasive text is working out the arguments of the “other side”  and responding to those arguments. The following class task will help you see the need to work out the other point of view before writing any argument. 

You are older now and your room is not as wonderful as it once was.  It is time to try convince your parents to let you re-design your room.

When you go to ask them they reply: 


and give you the following objections:
  1. It’s too expensive.
  2. You never even clean your room anyway; why re-design if it is just going to be messy?
  3. You already spend too much time there.  We only see you at meals as it is now.
  4. or You never spend any time in your room; why should we bother?
  5. Your brother (sister) is going to feel left out.  We can’t start redecorating everyone’s room.
  6. Your taste in interior decoration is questionable.  We can’t paint ceilings and walls in school colours or indulge in other such fads. :)
  7. I’ll end up doing all the work.  I don’t have the time or the energy.
  8. I said “No!”
Task AWrite a persuasion (exposition) that will convince your parents to change their mind.

The audience for your persuasion are your parents - an audience opposed to what you have to say. You must use direct speech and powerful words, though respectful and appropriate, to convince them of your side of the issue. This is done by providing arguments against the 8 objections from your parents. You may find it difficult to convince them on all nine objections, just do your best (7 out of 8 objections could still convince your parents to say yes).

  Position: (outlines the issue and your point of view)
  Body: P.E.E.L. (see below)
  Conclusion: (restating position and main arguements)

Words that you could use in your persuasion:
  • sale  special  professional  improved  discount  affordable  important  quality  guaranteed  value  bargain  sensational  reduced  better

Task B: Create a plan of how your new room will look.

Use an iPad to get some ideas
  1. Create a sketch of the floor plan  and think about the scale that you are going to use. 
  2. Make an accurate scaled drawing based on your sketch (A3)

Task C: Create a 3D CAD model of your room.

  1. Use TinkerCAD to create your CAD model. Parent permission is required to create an account.
    I will go through the basics of this program with the class, before anyone starts.
  2. When it is complete, send it to me for printing. I will check it for errors and once fixed, it can be printed.

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