Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Karaoke: Stringybark Creek by The Bushwackers 5NR 2017

A little karaoke fun! This song is based around the incidents that occurred at Stringbark Creek between Ned Kelly and the Police.

Stringybark Creek by The Bushwackers

A sergeant and three constables rode cut from Mansfield town
Near the end of last October for hunt the Kellys down.
They headed for the Wombat Hills and thought it quit lark
To be camped along the borders of creek called Stringybark.

Scanlon and the sergeant rode away to search the scrub
Leaving McIntyre and Lonigan in camp to cook the grub.
Ned Kelly and his comrades came to take a nearer look
For being short of flour they wished to interview the cook.

Both troopers at a stump alone they were well pleased to see.
Watching as the billy boiled to make their pints of tea
They joked and chatted gaily never thinking of alarm
Till they heard the dreaded cry behind "Bail Up, thrown down your arms!"

The traps they started wildly, Mac then firmly stood
While Lonigan made tracks to gain cover of the wood.
Brave Kelly muttered sadly as he loaded up his gun
Oh what a flaming peanut, he passed there by their gun

Later in the afternoon the sergeant and his mate
came and riding glumly through the bush to made a curly fight
The Kellys have to drop on you till McIntyre react
But the troopers thought it was a joke and sat their horses proud.

Trooper Scanlan make a move his rifle to unsling
But to his heart a bullet sped and death was in its sting.
Then Kennedy lept from his mount and ran for cover near
And bravely fought unto the last for all that he held dear

McIntyre, his life at stake, rode off for Mansfield town.
He broke the news that made men vow to shoot the Kellys down
So from that hour The Kelly gang was hunted far and wide
Until the day they died. 

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